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Assamese Dictionary Android

Example of English word searching

Assamese Dictionary Android

Example of Assamese word searching

The best Assamese Dictionary for Android users.

The App is popularly known as ABD among the users which is abbreviated form of Aadarxa Bilingual Dictionary.

Development of technically very advanced and user-friendly digital dictionaries has been our flagship project from the beginning

In our dictionaries users can find accurate meaning, accurate spelling, synonyms, antonyms, pictures of noun words, scientific names of the birds, animals, plants, etc. in one click. Dictionaries have Back Button for going back to previous words. Also can click on the words shown in meaning box for their respective meaning.
Its technical standard is comparable to the Oxford English Dictionary's digital version

Aadarxa Software Home

This firm of information technology is such a software development institution where, high quality software in Assamese language are being developed and are being placed before customers at reasonable prices.
By this institution, Aadarxa Bilingual Dictionary (ABD), a very advanced software Assamese dictionary is being presented for the users. Its technical operations are comparable to the digital version of the Concise Oxford Dictionary... The dictionary is bilingual in nature, that is, one can search words of the both languages, Assamese and English, for their respective meaning.

Our main dictionary products

Android Original Version

Assamese Dictionary New
Search by this name in Play Store

There are two versions of the same app. Main or original version's name in Play Store is:
Assamese Dictionary New
Assamese Dictionary
If you buy this version once you will be able to use it for ever

Here is the link

Android Trial Version

Assamese Dictionary New Trial
Search by this name in Play Store

There is a trial version of the app. Its name in Play Store is:
Assamese Dictionary New Trial
Assamese Dictionary
Trial version is intended to give users a chance to check the quality of the dictionary app before they buy. It contains ads. The trial version lasts only for 120 days.

Here is the link

PC Version

Aadarxa Bilingual Dictionary
Offline version for PC users

For those who work on computer regularly a digital dictionary installed in PC is an incomparable provision. Our PC version's name is:
Aadarxa Bilingual Dictionary
Assamese Dictionary
It has same database and mechanism with Android version.

Order PC Version

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Step by step guide

Note: To download the original version you must have a gmail ID

  • Go to Play Store
  • Search 'Assamese Dictionary New'
  • or click on this link

  • Tap on the 'Rs 140''
  • Now choose a payment method
  • See the payment methods

  • Complete the payment procedure
  • Download will automatically start after completing payment

Video tutorial

Note: If you have questions regarding the downloading issues, please visit the FAQ page.

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