Here are some questions that users may have on their mind regarding our products

Frequently asked questions

  • Do we have iOS version?
  • Ans: Yes, we had. But for poor response from the users and due to least number of iPhone user in Assamese society we stepped down it for the time being.

  • How long will trial version run?
  • Ans: Trial version is intended to give users a chance to check the quality of the dictionary app before they buy. That is its sole purpose. So you are not asked to continue this version more than 2/3 days. But if you want you can run it for maximum 120 days. Remember that it contains ads.

  • How long will the main or original or paid version run?
  • Ans: The main or original or paid version is permenent. That is if you once buy it then you can use it for ever. No need to buy again even if you uninstall or change the device.

  • What if payment done but not downloaded?
  • Ans: As a rare cases, we got some reports of such happenings. But don't worry, Google Play will return your money within 24 hours or so. In all such cases users informed us that they got back the money, and after that they bought the app again. Generally network or other interuptions cause such inconvenience.

    Note: The app is sold by Google Play not by us. So everything related to payment handled by them.

As a testimonial we herewith showing some of the communications between us and the users who faced such issues

Testimony 1

ABD Download issue

Testimony 2

ABD Download issue

Testimony 3

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