DTP Software

For a long past we have been selling and supplying typing software, popularly known as DTP software in Assam, for writing Assamese, Boro, Bengali, Hindi, Sanskrit, Nepali, etc. in Easy Way.

Sometime it is supplied with a bilingual dictionary and sometime it is sold as a single software. Currently we have two high quality DTP software : RamdhenuPlus (developed by Utpal Boruah) and SKP or Smart Key Press (developed by Durlav Gogoi).

Both are very user friendly and one can use without a pre-existing knowledge or skills. Both software have facilities for typing in phonetic way, that is, one can type Assamese, Bengali, Hindi, etc. using the popular English keyboard. Some example may be helpful for better understand.

kitap=কিতাপ, bagh=বাঘ, bhaluk=ভালুক

In SKP (Smart Key Press) provision for keeping the layout of the current keyboard (suppose you are using Assamese Inscript or phonetic) on the top of the Window is an excellent feature. It helps users to keep an eye on the key mappings when typing goes on.

Features RamdhenuPlus SKP Others in market
User Friendly Yes Yes No
Smart Phonetic Yes Yes Not known
Inscript Yes Yes Yes
Easy Keyboard Switching Yes Yes No
Automatic font installation Yes Yes No
Typing in Pagemaker/Photoshop Pro Version No Varied
Technical Support Yes Yes No
Service After Sale Yes Yes No
Without Donggle Use Yes Yes Varied
All Windows Support Yes Yes No
User Friendly Yes Yes No
Professional Features RamdhenuPlus Donggled Version
Typing in Pagemaker/Photoshop Yes
Auto font change techniques Yes
Conversion from Geetanjali to Unicode Yes
Auto font change techniques Yes
Unique Features of Smart Key Press Only in SKP?
Keyboard layout can be kept on the top of windows while typing Yes
hasanta sign (example : চট্‌ফটা) can be rendered Yes
Juktakshor can be also formed after typing the letters Yes
Dictionary supplied with Yes

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