Without any intention to convert the hard efforts put in this project into a sympathy seeking story, we would like to state that it has indeed been a gruelling saga.

It all started in the year 2010. After two years of hard effort directed by single mindedness, on 28th of April 2012, we were able to release our first software “Xahaz-Xandhaan Axamiyaa Abhidhaan” (সহজ-সন্ধান অসমীয়া অভিধান), in Guwahati Press club. (Then the current organisation was not there).

Later on, this dictionary software was converted into a bilingual (Assamese-English) one. With users telling one another about the software, it gradually gained popularity among the people, which provided the main plank of our progress and growth.

For endowing this software with the best of perfection, we delved into the minutest of the details, putting up all the hard work possible from our quarters. Now in this class of software it is the best available in Assam with a quality that can be called nothing but world class.
Within a short time we shall strive to make it No 1 software in the world. One can label it as one among the great works done for the interest of the Assamese language. But we disavow any such opportunity for self glorification. Behind this rigorous task lies our yearning to do something different and worthwhile. Our bread and butter is also involved with this work. Between these two, we say, whatever we have done till now, we believe that it will indeed benefit our language.

We will never claim such things like, we only are responsible bringing our language to the world forum, we feel such a claims, will be something laughable. Without employing means to draw sympathy and keeping away from any form of temptation for self publicity, we resolve to keep our minds centered towards our work. It has indeed been a hard voyage for us, still we know it will always remain so.

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